Tasha Shila with her breasts

Tasha Shila with her big breasts

Tasha Shila with her big breastsTasha Shila says she is taking the product for health and beauty and not because to increase the size of her breasts. Tasha was the talk of netizens after she posted her image in a tight-fitting T-shirt on Facebook with a glass of a health drink she had lately been taking.

In an interview with habHIB a section of KOSMO! she said “Yes, I’m happy with the shape I’m in. And it’s not just due to the health ­product I am taking.One has to exercise. It is also important to consume a lot of water. Taking health products alone will not result in anything if there are no other initiatives.”

Tasha Shila,27 year old whose real name is Natasha Sheila Abdul Razak is currently seen in the Terukir Di Bintang TV drama series. She had been reported that she was taking a product for her health and beauty for almost two months and that is the result is the change of her body.

The image that Tasha Shila had posted on Facebook is not to show about her breast but to promote the product to her fan. Tasha Shila reiterated that the size of her breasts or nose is not because of surgery. It seems that her fan has misconstrued with her intention.

But I dont think her fan will misconstrued if Tasha Shila doesnt post a photo image that’s more focusing on her breast. I dont think anyone will not realised her bulging chest in a tight-fitting T-Shirt on Facebook, giving rise to speculation that the Ratu The Movie starlet had gone for a breast make-over.

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