PAM called to tighten the building code

Tighten the building code-PAM

The article below is related to the current accident that happen at Asiacity at the end of January where a Myvi accidentally fall from fourth floor to the ground floor.

Myvi jatuh dari tingkat 4

Kota Kinabalu: Persatuan Arkitek Malaysia (PAM) Sabah Chapter has called on the local authority to tighten the building code to ensure all parapet walls are adequately and structurally reinforced.

Its Chairman Victor Wong said the building code must be enforced whether the parapet walls are at the car park levels or at the balconies since “un-reinforced” parapet walls can be highly dangerous when accidents occur.

He was commenting on the incident at Star City on Jan 30 where a man lost control of his vehicle while reversing and crashing straight onto the “parapet” wall, before plunging four storeys down to the ground.

He said under the existing building by-laws, there was no explicit requirement for all the parapet walls to be reinforced structurally.

“As a standard practice, stiffeners are always being specified by the professionals to ensure that the parapet walls are generally safe to be used. However, these basic stiffeners will not be strong enough to withhold the impact of a crashing car,” he said.

According to Wong, the worrying trend was that with so many condominium projects under construction in the State Capital and other parts of Sabah, more car parks were being stacked vertically to satisfy the car parking requirement within the limited sizes of the building lot.

Hence, similar accidents such as the one reported were likely to recur if the safety issue on the parapet wall design was not tackled promptly by both the authorities and professionals.


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