Man ask for ransom money from his own wife

A civil servant arrested while withdrawing ransom

KOTA KINABALU : A former civil servant who plans his own kidnapping has been arrested while withdrawing the ransom money from an automatic teller machine ( ATM ) here .

A civil servant arrested while withdrawing ransom
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The man send SMS through an unknown number to his 22-year -old wife and demanded ransom amount of RM 8000 and should be paid into a bank account . After the ransom was paid , her husband would be released. The man also send his selfie image as a proof that he was kidnapped on May 7.

After negotiate, the woman’s wife managed to reduce the ransom to RM 5000 and paid the amount into a bank account on May 15 before making a police report . A team was formed to investigate the case. Several policemen have been placed in several locations ATM to capture the kidnappers , but the man was arrested at about 3 o’clock in Kota Kinabalu instead.

Investigations revealed that the man was making plans to get money from his wife after being laid off . A plea has also been noted that the man acted alone and no other person involved . Jauteh added that the man ‘s wife did not know that her husband had been laid off.

Jauteh said the man was being investigated under Section 402 of the Penal Code for cheating .


P.s : What in the hell. What is in the  mind of the man? 

P.s.s : On second thought what if the man was forced by loan shark to ask for ransom because he cannot pay ahlong loan.

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