For Diarrhea’s sake joke from Sabahan

For Diarrhea’s sake joke from Sabahan

There are three fellow looking for job at Sabah Electricity Sendirian Berhad or better known as SESB. SO one day they have been called for interviews. It turns out they have the same strong academic profile. So the SESB manager in charge of recruitment had some problem to choose one. So the manager asked the final question and whoever can answer the question and give a strong point will get the job. This is their conversation.

Diarrhea Woman

Manager: What is the fastest thing that happen to our lives in terms of things that we are doing?

1st Fellow: The action from standing to sit sir ….

2nd Fellow: The time we switch on the lights, just press the light switch and it will on …

3rd Fellow: The time we get diarrhea

1st and 2nd fellow burst to laugh ….

The manager gets angry with the 3rd fellow answers.

Manager: Why you answer that???

3rd Fellow: I think my answer is correct sir. If I get diarrhea, I will never be able to sit not to mention to switch on the lights.


P.s : This is a translation from Malay language. Hope you enjoy to read it.

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