How to download videos from

(Steps to download movie from ACG – ).

ACG-Tube Movie Downloads technique that has been proven to be successful without a software.
This technique allows you to watch video (movie) at any time without an internet connection.

Before I proceed with the download steps I’ll explain you what the ACG – Tube dot com is a website founded by a Malaysian . This website is a site where you can watch latest movie or series drama on-line . The video quality is high definition quality ( HD ) . The subtitles also provided in the video.

For your information, the website using an iframe that host the video from another website but shows it in

Without wasting any time we go on with the tutorial to download the video from ACG – .

First thing first you will need an internet browser. In this tutorial I use Firefox as the internet browser.

Download Mozilla firefox internet browser.
Download the Firefox Addon Flash Video Downloader .

Install the Firefox  Addon and restart Firefox .

Find the movie you wish to download .

Play the movie . Wait until the browser finish the buffering porcess .

Please take note the blue button to the right of the address bar.

Press the download button and several download options will be presented. Select the required file type and click the download if your computer does not have Internet download manager.


Good luck  and all the best.

By the way if you want to watch the movie then you should visit



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